Shipping for the US will be within 48 hours through USPS Priority Mail with tracking and insurance included. Please inform us of damaged packages arriving to your. Include Pictures of outside and contents for insurance purposes.

Items lost by the post office are not our responsibility. If the tracking says it was delivered , whether it was delivered incorrectly, will still be considered delivered and not reimbursable.

Ebooks downloaded from the site and signed paperbacks are not returnable.

If you require returning a book, you must do so within 7 days of receiving it and contacting us. Item must be in new, unused condition packaged well and sent with tracking and insurance.


We respect your privacy as we respect our own. We do not share or sell our subscribers list with anyone. Our newsletter is through MailChimp and goes through opt-in procedures to insure you are signing up for something you want.

Terms Of Use:

All books have copyrights and should not be copied, sold, distributed or used for anything but your reading pleasure. Piracy is not a victimless crime - anyone who feels it’s okay to take someones work for their own advantage has never had their art, music, or writing abused. I’m a stickler for honoring my fellow artists the acknowledgement they deserve. If you knew how many months of money and man hours a writer puts into writing, editing, copyrighting, publishing and marketing, you’d never think twice about it again.

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