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TROLL publishing

It had never been my intention to self publish.  I, like thousands of waiting for fame writers, wanted to be discovered. After a year of begging, pleading and sending query letters, and synopsis´s to accommodate ever and any literary agent or publishing house, I found that I couldn´t get a single one´s interest. I also read somewhere that the odds of being published are a thousand to one and out of ten of those that do get published, only 2 or 3 can make a living at it.

Let´s just say I´m not good with odds.  I´m the kind of person that goes to Tahoe or Las Vegas and might as well just write a check when I get there and turn around and go home.  I´m not what you call a lucky gal.  My mom got that gene and kept it to herself. My husband too, has the gene, but not me, so I decided, I better take things into my own hands then dealing with fate.

So why do I call it “Troll Publishing”? When you grow up with a name like Tolles, you can imagine all the fun things kids might call you.  Plus my dad always told me that we were ancestors of trolls and that we used to live under bridges, that´s why we are such a short lot. Putting that kind of logic into my decision, lo and behold Troll Publishing was born.

If for some reason you need to contact Troll Publishing, You can do so by sending email to:

Tlynnetolles at me dot com


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