Autumn Calling

Autumn Calling Cover
Part of the Hellhound Tales series:

Summer Raine thought her life was tough growing up as an orphan, but with finding her relatives, it's become clear, having a family is not all it's cracked up to be. Her paternal side is out to kill her and her maternal side is, well, odd to say the least, with a great aunt who wavers on the cusp of dementia and a great uncle who is a grumpy talking cat, both of which are feverishly shoving a crash course of witchcraft down her throat to help survive the apocalyptic war of magic that will probably be their demise. Add a defiant adolescent hellhound to the caldron, Tori in the hospital from an almost fatal dog mobile crash and Summer losing her heart, she isn't exactly having the best time.How will she ever learn enough of the craft to save herself, her friends, and the crazy family she's finally found? And what if her newly found wicked witch of a twin sister doesn't seem all that...villainous? Discover how Summer keeps her sanity during these troubling times with the help of some old and new friends, as well as her slobbering, sometimes mutinous, hellhound, and a new love at her side.

Publisher: Troll Publishing

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