Easter countdown day 7 – carrot patch, candy egg toss

Spring is green with bright yellow buds,

new shoots emerge from the dark brown earth. 

The scent of rain mixes with blossoms in the air,

birds chirp with new found vibrato in the trees.

Succulent strawberries burst in my mouth,

all is fresh warm and beautiful in the world.

Lots of fun things today:

For a quick way to get to what your wanting to do, click on the word below to take you to your interest – That is if you don’t want to read the whole post – And don’t forget… for some Witchy magic, read one of my books.



Egg Dying


    Carrot Patches from Family Fun

    baby carrots
    curly parsley
    small terra cotta pots

    Spoon hummus into small cups that will fit inside the pots.

    Shortly before serving, poke a hole in the carrots using a toothpick and insert a small piece of parsley. You’ll want 3 to 4 carrots per pot.

    “Plant” the carrots in the pot by putting the carrots in the hummus. As a bonus, you can also send home carrot seeds with the pots so each person can plant their own carrots at home!

  • Candy Egg Toss

Put three hula hoops on the ground in a triangle pattern. If you have six hoops, you can place them in a pyramid pattern. Tell the players the point value for each hoop. The one farthest away is worth the most points. Give each participant five candy eggs to throw from behind a designated line. Each time a player throws a piece of candy which lands in a hoop, he or she gets that point value.

If players are old enough to keep a running total of their points, the game can go for several rounds. Younger players can be allowed to stand closer to the hoops to make their tosses.

Egg Dying

  • COURTESY CUTESY CRAFTSAll you need for this colorful and fun design is different colored sharpie markers. Outline a cut out of a fun shape or character onto your Easter egg and use a sharpie to create polka dots around the edge. When you remove the image, the white egg will pop with the sharpie. To stay festive, on her blog Cutesy Crafts, Jessica uses silhouettes of bunnies to create fun polka dot patterns.

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